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As we all continue to watch the unfolding horror of the events in Turkey, Hope and Aid Direct are working out how best to assist with the humanitarian aid disaster that has started, and will continue for many months and probably years to come. 

We are not yet personally on the scene but due to our vast network of supporters and contacts we have the ability to help the affected people in the region.  We do already have contacts feeding back to us on the situation with regards to aid and logistics.  

We are currently trying to find a reliable partner to work with so that we know that any aid we send is the right aid, and will end up in the right place and with the right people. 

It is already becoming apparent from our networks that a lot of the wrong aid is heading to Turkey and Syria, we don't want to add to this.  The current need, in addition to search and rescue, is shelter, power and sanitation.  

This is why, for now, until we know more, we are asking for financial rather than physical donations so that this money can be spent on the right aid and the transportation of it.  This is likely to be through backloads (local commercial trucks returning to the region) as this will be the quickest and most effective way of operating in what we know to be a difficult area to move aid in and out of. 

We will ensure that any donations made to this appeal are used to help people affected by the earthquake.    


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